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mstoomanyfandomstosay asked:
Could you check out and review my channel: MaybeItsCass

ive watched your room tour, your videos need more editing but it’s fine since you just started out, i suggest you do a voice over instead of walking with the camera an talking because it makes your voice sound un clear. over rall i would give you 5/10.

princess-kclass asked:
Just letting you know that girls name is Lani not mandy :)

owh thank you the person who sent in the confession must have mistaken  , i must look for mistakes next time!


Hello, since im bored you could inbox me your confessions or promote your Channel or what ever

She dreamt of…

She dreamt of paradise

She dreamt of something

She dreamt of something that won’t happen

She dreamt of freedom

She thought of running away

She thought it would help her

She dreamt of running away

She thought it would get her away from her problems

She dreamt of happiness

She dreamt of being alone

But it was just a dream